Assessments for Children

ADD Assessments
for Adults

Our Remote Evaluations Include Three Sessions, Involving:

  • An initial intake for family history and family dynamics that may be affecting behavior.
  • Behavioral Checklists from the DSM. (The clinical diagnostic manual of disorders from the American Psychological Association.)
  • Two Remote questionnaires for parents and teachers to fill out (children only.)
  • A battery of top quality tests (used by major researchers throughout the world), completed at home remotely on your computer.
  • Supervision of tests via cell phone or Zoom.
  • An authoritative final report completed by a clinical psychologist, to present to school or other settings.
  • Diagnoses can be given.

$500 Out of Pocket Cost if Insurance is Not Used

About Donald Magder

Donald Magder, MA., LLP, received his MA in clinical psychology from The Michigan School of Professional Psychology. He is a former adjunct professor of psychology at Macomb Community College and Baker College and contributing writer for the Body/Mind/Spirit Magazine.

Donald specializes in biofeedback and neurofeedback therapies that use holistic methods with a body/mind/brain connection to help with attention issues. His neurofeedback work with the Indigo Children's Project--here in the Detroit area--is featured in the book, “The Neurofeedback Solution”, in the chapter on autism.

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